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ShapeWorks Program  Guides and Instructions

Thank YOU for your purchase of our Herbalife ShapeWorks program and Congratulations in taking a vital step towards a better, more nutritious lifestyle. All Herbalife products contain instructions on the product labels of each package/bottle/container. Since Herbalife ShapeWorks programs do not come with instructions as a whole, we have assembled this page for you to obtain vital information about our ShapeWorks programs.

Please read this page carefully or simply give us a call if you have any questions or concerns. We have also included our 24 hour product Hotline to further enhance your experience with us. Please read the downloadable materials as it will get you started the right way:

Step by Step Guide
  1. Losing Weight on ShapeWorks is as easy as 3-2-1 (3 pills a day with food, 2 shakes a day, 1 colorful meal of your choice).
  2. 1. Open the package containing the ShapeWorks Program:
  3. 2. Check to ensure that you have all the products you ordered
  4. 3. When you are ready to make your Shake
    • Formula 1 Shake mix: Add 8 ounces of lowfat milk or soy milk into glass or Shaker Cup2 first.
    • Mix in 2 Scoops1 of the Formula 1 shake mix (see photo below)
      Spoon on left: Herbalife Spoon (an Herbalife accessory 1)
      2x 'Heaping' Spoonfuls

      Spoon on right: Comes with 750g Size Formula 1 Containers
      2x leveled spoonfuls

    • Mix required amounts of Protein (how much? - read below)
    • Shake it all up (best with blender or Shaker Cup) and drink!
    • Tip: mix in fruits and a few cubes of ice in a blender as an option; get creative and have fun!
  5. 4. Don't forget to take your ShapeWorks Enhancers (pills) with every meal (3 times a day). Only the Thermobond and Snack Defense can be taken as needed (part of ShapeWorks Ultimate Programs).

1 - The larger 750g Formula 1 Shake mix size has a scoop inside or If using the Herbalife spoon (as part of the ShapeWorks Starter Kit), take 2 heaping (like a mountain shape) spoonfuls of Formula 1 shake mix. For Formula 3 Protein Powder, use leveled spoons each.

2 - Shaker cup is part of the ShapeWorks Starter Kit or available as a stand alone accessory here (highly recommended).

How much Protein?
So just how much Protein do you need? Use the Protein Estimator tool sold here or Use our Online Protein Calculator here to determine how much protein to use in each shake. You may also follow this general guideline:

Adequate daily protein intakes range from 50 to 60 grams for women to at least 70 to 80 grams for men. An easy way to determine the optimum range of protein you need daily is to divide your current weight in half and then subtract 5 to 10. The numbers you come up with represent the range of total grams of protein you need daily for your body size for maintenance. For example: If you weigh 150 pounds, you should consume between 65 to 70 grams of protein a day.

Further reading on protein can be found here.

How much Herbal Tea Concentrate?
The Herbal Tea Concentrate is a great product meant to keep you mentally alert. Take only as needed but be advised.....this is a concentrate, which means a little goes a long way. When you introduce the ShapeWorks Program into your body, your body may go through a period of shock. The Herbal Tea Concentrate helps you keep 'balanced' and more energetic during those times you may feel droggy or fatigued especially for some people who may experience these symptoms as a result of being obese.

It is natural that your urine may be bright yellow. This shows visible results that your body is absorbing a lot of the ingredients from the Herbalife ShapeWorks Products. Because your body may go through a period of shock, you may experience certain symptoms such as pimples, acne and other indications that your body is 'stressed' as it adapts to the drastically reduced caloric intake. This is natural and may or may not happen to you.

Remember, Herbalife products are not pharmaceutical. If you are having severe issues for any reason, stop taking the products and consult a medical professional. For your convenience, we may offer you product labels of all your products via pdf files if you wish.

Inches first, weight next
It is also common that you begin to drop the inches before losing the weight. Most of our customers see results within 2 weeks but for others, allow a full month of usage first as your body needs to adapt.

The 'new' You
As you drop your weight, your program adapts to you. This may mean less Formula 3 Protein in your Formula 1 Shakes and/or stop usage of certain products such as the Cell-u-Loss or the Snack Defense...etc. You can consult us or read up on the product descriptions to figure out what is best for your individual needs. As caring Herbalife Distributors, we are standing by to help you. Our direct line is listed below.

Maintain that Hot Body!
For weight maintenance, Formula 1 Shake Mixes should still be a part of your lifestyle. Difference is, you stop the additional Formula 3 Protein and you take 1 shake a day with 2 colorful meals of your choice. Be wary of what you eat and by substituting just one meal out of the day, should be enough to help you keep your weight. At this point, we highly recommend the Garden 7 Product in addition to the Formula 1 Shake Mix, Formula 2 Multivitamin and Cell Activator for a healthy lifestyle with the new you.

Equip yourself with these Downloadable Guides
Knowledge leads to a faster, more efficient weight loss! Click on each image or the links below to download.

ShapeWorks Success Guide - 1.44mb
This 17-page pdf file gives you a quick guide and introduction to the ShapeWorks program. For a more comprehensible guide, see the 'Progam Guide' below.
download free here.

ShapeWorks Program Guide - 1.38mb
This 40-page pdf file offers you information to help get your started right with our ShapeWorks program. It's a light read yet packed with information! Do not skip this read as we strongly encourage it!
download free here.

ShapeWorks Daily Success Tracker - 293kb
This pdf file is designed to be printed out and to be filled in daily for the purpose of tracking your results. As your body begins to adapt to the new lower caloric intake and 'balanced' meals, jotting down your daily results will offer you a very neat, and fun, perspective! By logging down your information daily, you can begin to track your results and to spot patterns that you may have otherwise unknown of.
download free here.
Click here to download all three(3) files. Zip file - 2.87mb

* If you have trouble opening pdf files, scroll down for more information

Product Hotline
Dial (801) 526-8461, wait for message and then:

  • Press 1 for Formula 1 Shake Mix
  • Press 2 for Formula 2 Multivitamin Complex
  • Press 3 for Formula 3 Personalized Protein Powder
  • Press 4 for Cell Activator
  • Press 5 for Quickstart Program or Quickstart Protein Plus Program
  • Press 6 for Advanced Program or Advanced Protein Plus Program
  • Press 7 for Ultimate Program or Ultimate Protein Plus Program

* Support for additional products not listed here can be found here.

Have more questions?
As a reminder, we are available for phone calls and email, within business hours reflecting Herbalife's Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm EST toll free (800) 365-8505.

If you do not want live help, send us an email and we will reply ASAP. helpHerbalWell

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The regulation of vitamins, herbs and supplements does not fall under the jurisdiction of the FDA. Thus, this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.