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Herbalife Accessories

Maximize the benefits of your Herbalife products with accessories that make organizing products and preparing them easier!

Herbalife Shaker Cup
Hot item! This screw-top shaker is a shake-making essential. No leaks.
Herbalife ShapeWorks Starter Kit
Enhance your weight-loss experience with the help of this kit.
Herbalife ShapeWorks Lean-Protein Estimator Tool
This tool is what we use to determine your program & protein intake. more info...
Herbalife Tablet Box - Small (Set of 10)
Set of 10 identical small tablet boxes with 6 individual compartments for Herbalife pills.
Herbalife Tablet Box - Medium (Set of 5)
Set of 5 identical medium tablet boxes with 9 individual compartments for Herbalife pills.
Herbalife Tablet Box - Long (Set of 5)
Set of 5 identical long tablet boxes with 7 individual compartments for Herbalife pills.
Herbalife Tablet Box - Extra Large
1 extra large tablet box with adjustable partition walls for Herbalife pills.
Herbalife Measuring Spoon (Set of 10)
Custom designed 4 measuring spoons in one. Tablespoon, teaspoon, 1/2tsp & 1/4 tsp.
Herbalife Tablet Dispenser
Used in conjunction with the Tablet Boxes, this Dispenser with rotating top has space for your four favorite supplements.
Herbalife Tablet Crusher
Dual-purpose Tablet Crusher includes storage compartment for tablets and built-in crusher.
Herbalife Sports Water Bottle
The Herbalife 28-ounce water bottle features a dual-flow top and a wide opening allowing for ice to be added.
Herbalife Tape Measure - Fabric (Set of 10)
Tyvek¬ Tape Measure includes motivational quotes & space for documenting inches lost!
Herbalife Tape Measure - Retractable
Easy to use Retractable Tape Measure comes in a hard shell with a large pull tab.

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