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HerbalWell's - Herbalife Product Catalog Kosher

HerbalWell makes shopping easier through our various full product catalogs. Find your Kosher Herbalife product here, explore the different size layouts or simply use the search tool on the side navigation. enjoy.

Herbalife Kosher Lakewood Kashrus Logo SymbolThe list below indicates Herbalife Products that are Certified Kosher by the Lakewood Kashrus Organization sold in the United States; their logo at right.

Herbalife Kosher Lakewood Kashrus Certification Symbol Each product will bear a symbol that certifies it 'Kosher' and may not indicate the words 'Kosher' in the product label other than in the actual certification symbol. Image at left is what is seen on each Herbalife product certified Kosher.

Please also note that by ordering 'Kosher' products with the different sku numbers, you will receive the same product as a non-kosher item with a different sku number. This may sound confusing but the products listed in this catalog are all certified kosher despite the different sku numbers available at order. If you require further assistance, simply use our live web chat or call us at the toll free number on our header.

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