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Herbalife ShapeWorks Weight Management Products

You're Body is Unique. Shouldn't your diet be? With Herbalife ShapeWorks, everything is about you _ your weight loss, your program and your results. If you are trying to lose weight and not seeing results, Herbalife's Weight Management solutions may be right for you. Combining cutting-edge science with delicious shakes and snacks, Herbalife's Weight Management products can help you lose those unwanted pounds. Personalize your weight loss today! With all natural Herbalife Products.

Herbalife Weight Loss Success Stories Herbalife ShapeWorks

 Start with an Herbalife ShapeWorks ® Program:

Herbalife ShapeWorks Programs

Each ShapeWorks program contains carefully selected Herbalife weight loss products combined to help maximize your weight loss results and are available for individual sale also. Herbalife ShapeWorks 'Plus' (weight loss) programs come with additional protein powder (called Formula 3 Personalized Protein Powder) that helps personalize your protein intake for your body; helping you feel full and energized as you shed unwanted pounds. Find the right program that suits your needs and customize it with ShapeWorks Enhancers (herbal and vitamin supplements) products below.

Herbalife ShapeWorks Products

Shapeworks Programs items are available separately as individual products in this category. Herbalife products contain advanced all natural formulas to help overcome the challenges everyone can face - from insatiable appetite and cravings, to low energy, moodiness and stubborn fat. Let these products take care of your personal hurdles so you can reach your weight-loss goals.

 Accelerate: your weight loss program with Herbalife supplements


Herbalife ShapeWorks Enhancers

Herbalife's enhancers are all natural vitamin and herbal supplements designed to help accelerate your weight management goals. If you struggle with snacking, low energy, fluid retention or digestion, we have all your bases covered. Click here to read more...

Herbalife Digestive Health Products

Problems like heartburn, indigestion and constipation can range from annoying to debilitating. Herbalife Digestive Health products support healthy digestion and elimination, with all natural herbal remedies, helping to ensure your internal system runs smoothly every day.

Herbalife Appetite Control/Protein Snacks

Take the struggle out of weight loss and set yourself up to succeed with Appetite Support Enhancers. Enhancers reduce appetite and cravings to make losing weight with Herbalife ShapeWorks even easier! Curb hunger and manage weight with Herbalife's guilt-free snacks. They're packed with protein and flavor to keep you satisfied, yet low in calories.

Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The regulation of vitamins, herbs and supplements does not fall under the jurisdiction of the FDA. Thus, this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.